Bio Retention and
Restoration Planting

What Our Bio Retention and
Restoration Planting Service Includes:


Bio retention soil installation, water quality plantings and grasses, and Compost top dressings.


Reinstall natrual plantings and native seeds to restore natural vegetation.

Wetland Buffers

We can install natural shrubs and trees to help with sight blocking and provide natural habitat for wildlife.

Photo of a bio retention pond from North Fork Landscape

Direct Revegetation

Whether you are taking on a small custom project or a large-scale endeavor, returning a site to its original condition with native plant species is very important for the local ecosystem and has many benefits. The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty, and we specialize in helping our clients successfully improve or completely restore any space.

Site Restoration

Your environment is a living and breathing organism that is dynamically layered with different components. Providing your space with the proper materials and design will help your area thrive. We will strategically restructure your location to ultimately result in a lower maintenance process for upkeep and landscape longevity.

Other Services

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