What Our Hardscapes Service Includes:


We install a variety of pavers or brick to create a great outdoor area for you to enjoy.

Retaining Walls

We install multiple colors and styles of block retaining walls for you to expand the usable space of your property.


We can install paver walks, rock paths, or flagstone steps.

Extend Usable Property Space

Most people don’t realize that adding well-placed hardscape elements to your landscaping project can not only add visual appeal, but functionality as well. We can bring your blueprint to life or help you create a design from scratch to put the finishing touches on your picturesque landscape.

Specialty Custom Projects

Hardscapes give you the ability to compliment your natural landscape display with meticulously crafted elements. Retaining walls will create stability, definition, and dynamic to your space, while paver walks, rock paths, and flagstone steps can provide noticeable definition to your perfect outdoor space. With North Fork Landscape, we’ll provide endless possibilities to create the perfect space for you and your family.

Let us solve your landscaping needs!

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